Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Do You Remember the Time?

Michael Jackson's memorial service has left me red-eyed and snot-nosed with a headache. But I cried not only tears of sorrow but of joy as well. In fact, watching the coverage live on ccn.com awakened all kinds of memories of Michael that I will continue to cherish:

- watching "The Making of Thriller" and being in awe over how they did the makeup and costumes (and cringing when they showed him putting on his yellow cat-eye contacts)

- cherishing my set of Michael Jackson photo sticker cards (my favorite was the one of him wearing a yellow sweater vest)

- repeatedly watching my VHS tape of "Moonwalker" (my favorite scene was the kid's version of "Bad", which--come to think of it--reminds me of Weird Al Yankovic's "Fat", also a childhood favorite)

- going to see "Captain EO" as my first attraction every time my parents and I went to Disneyland (I even still have my souvenir button at home)

- coming home from school and singing along to "Dangerous" on repeat (tonight I even cried singing along to Jennifer Hudson's rendition of "Will you be there", which was without a doubt my favorite song from the album)

- being glued to MTV so I could catch out Mariah Carey's Unplugged music video and belt out "I'll be there" along with her and Trey Lorenz

- winning 1st place in two lip synch contests for my performance of "Beat It" (I had ordered the VHS to History in order to perfect the choreography and got friends to play girl gang members)

Thank you, Michael. I will always remember the times. I just wish that your music and stardom had made you as happy as it did the rest of the world. Maybe things would have ended differently if we had all paid closer attention to and not so easily forgotten some of your lyrics. You were there for so many of us, but so few of us were there for you. May you finally rest in peace.

Friday, June 26, 2009


I am celebrating the life of Michael Jackson the singer, dancer, entertainer, the legend and mourning the death of Michael Jackson the father, son, brother, the person. RIP.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Happiest Girl Alive

Last month I saw The Whitest Boy Alive at Astra, which had its grand opening that night and is my new fave venue in Berlin. In fact, besides Cupcake and Monster Ronson's, it's the ONLY reason for a Mitte-Fuzzi to venture into Friedrichshain.

The Norwegian band The New Wine opened up for Whitest Boy. Erlend Oye's musical legacy was noticeable (but luckily not overbearing) in their sound. I was actually thinking their music kinda sounded like the love child of The Whitest Boy Alive, Cut Copy and Phoenix (minus any homoerotic undertones that might have possibly been evoked by that analogy).

The Whitest Boy Alive were as amazing as ever. Throughout the entire gig, Astra was filled with this incredibly warm, glowing and happy energy bouncing to the band's pop disco beat. I even feel like all my blurry, slow-flash pictures of the crowd accurately embody what it actually felt like to be there.

Highlights included (but were not limited to):
- Erlende jumping into the crowd with the cow bell,
- the keyboardist wailing on his keyboard like it was a guitar,
- and all the covers of my old school faves from back in the day (in addition to the usual suspect Robin S., The Prodigy's "Out of Space" and Daft Punk's "Around the World" also made my techno/house heart go pitter patter).

This was without a doubt my feel-good gig of the year. And it's seriously no surprise I left Astra the happiest girl alive.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

How Saturday Showed Me Love

The past year or so I've been complaining about The Whitest Boy Alive not showing their hometown of Berlin enough love. So imagine my supreme surprise when Saturday, taking a detour on my way home from buying miso paste at the Asian supermarket at Alexanderplatz and walking down Weinmeisterstrasse towards the U-Bahn stop, I glanced down Max-Beer-Strasse only to notice a huge crowd gathered in front of some shop, prompting me to take off my headphones only to hear an unmistakeable beat. I had "celebrity spotted" the guitarist in the neighborhood before, so I knew it could only be you-know-who.

As I approached, I only saw speakers but no band, so I almost thought it was just a random DJ set. But then I got up close and realized The Whitest Boy Alive were actually playing in the store window of ic! berlin! I only caught the last song and an encore, but that was enough to turn my shopping trip from mundane to magical! Unfortunately, I had neither my phone nor my camera with me, so I couldn't capture any of the cuteness to share (like how the keyboardist and the drummer accidentally banged their heads on the store window while taking a bow or how the grafittied window shutters slowly dropped down on them like a curtain fall).

So instead I'll just share a little video from this year's Melt! that I never got around to posting before. By the way, the entire gig they played at the festival was so amazing, it was worth the two near-death-experiences I suffered in order to witness it. I guess they do know how to show me love.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Comfort Tune: Lucky Charm

This week (or rather month) has been a bit Friday the 13th meets April Fools. Among many other things, late last Monday night, caught in a non-confontational state of mind and mesmerized by midi-like music and color-coded lyrics, I let my phone get stolen at Monster Ronson's Karaoke by a lipsick les, a dyke and a cross-dressing Satan.

So now I'm trying not to wallow in too much self-pity but instead turn things around in a St. Patrick's Day kind of way. And what better way to start than with a fresh pot o' gold (aka tonight's 25 million-Euro lottery jackpot)! My rainbow (aka theme song) for tonight and the rest of the month is by my old childhood sweathearts and ABC-predecessors The Boys (whose record "Messages from the Boys", by the way, is the first I ever owned!):

God, how I love this video! The moves, the hair, the clothes, the Boardwalk scenes! Takes me back to all my middle school dances and family trips to Venice Beach.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Absence Makes the Heart Go Wander

Sorry to anyone who's been checking this blog in the past months only to be disappointed by the discontinuation of posts. Summer just passed me right by, and I've been so busy I didn't even have a chance to leave a proper "away" message. So now I will try to make it up with a "be right back" message.

Over the last few months, I was busy planning and launching an online vintage shop called Immaculate Heart Vintage with my friend Meg. You can check out my selection of vintage home goods for sale on Dawanda here. Until the shop is completely up and running smoothly, I won't have much time to post stuff here. But I am also in the process of slightly rethinking this blog and will do my best to do at least a few posts a month.

And in the meantime, you can keep yourself occupied with "Off the Record." It's an English-speaking radio show on Berlin's indie/rock/alternative station hosted by my friends Liz and Vince (both of Death by Pop fame). You can listen to it weeknights starting at 10pm online here (just click where it says "Jetzt hören/Radio-Player öffnen").

So Happy Listening and Bis Bald!