Saturday, January 24, 2009

Comfort Tune: Lucky Charm

This week (or rather month) has been a bit Friday the 13th meets April Fools. Among many other things, late last Monday night, caught in a non-confontational state of mind and mesmerized by midi-like music and color-coded lyrics, I let my phone get stolen at Monster Ronson's Karaoke by a lipsick les, a dyke and a cross-dressing Satan.

So now I'm trying not to wallow in too much self-pity but instead turn things around in a St. Patrick's Day kind of way. And what better way to start than with a fresh pot o' gold (aka tonight's 25 million-Euro lottery jackpot)! My rainbow (aka theme song) for tonight and the rest of the month is by my old childhood sweathearts and ABC-predecessors The Boys (whose record "Messages from the Boys", by the way, is the first I ever owned!):

God, how I love this video! The moves, the hair, the clothes, the Boardwalk scenes! Takes me back to all my middle school dances and family trips to Venice Beach.