Friday, February 29, 2008

Schmeiß die Möbel aus dem Fenster, wir brauchen Platz zum dancen!

BERLIN: expect excellence at KIM tonight!

LADYHAWKE dj set (Modular/Island)

Divine Vintage Fashion Showcase (Iceland/Berlin)

+ djs
Cache Cache Cache (Rio/Picnic/Happy Endings)

Huzr (Rap History / Tape)

hosted by Elizafoxxx
€3 // doors 11pm // BrunnenStr.10

flyer by

Thursday, February 28, 2008

SXSW Countdown: 2 Weeks Till Texas!

Monday I got the eagerly-anticipated email that I got a wristband, so my week luckily didn't start out so manic! (Oh, and apparently only 3,500 people entered the drawing, so there's an extra 500 available for all you outta-towners!) And the other day I got the invite for this year's American Rag / Filter party:

Last year was fantastic (see photos from the Ra Ra Riot set in last week's countdown post and some from the Architecture in Helsinki set below), but I'm even more excited about this year's lineup! I especially can't wait to see The Duke Spirit (saw them at South By in 2005 and I can't believe I still haven't bough their new album!), Lightspeed Champion (I was sehr triste when Test Icicles broke up, but at least I got to experience their awesomeness in Magnet before the split) and the Shout Out Louds (who Liz flew to Sweden to see and keeps raving about).

So at any rate, I HIGHLY recommend RSVPing to this party. But even with an invite, make sure you get there early!

Hot Mess!

In the process of posting that last bit, "Flashing Lights" kinda grew on me and started taking over "American Boy"'s ear worm throne. And to top it all off, this brand new obsession just now led to me discover the R. Kelly remix (check it out for yourself at There's no more helping me now!

Still Looking for My "American Boy"

Just when I was finally getting rid of my "American Boy" earworm, they released the video.

But my friend Josh says the song's only "oookay" and insists that" Flashing Lights" is a better Kanye Jam.

I (personally) think it depends on who you have as your dance partner. In my humble opinion, "American Boy" is more for a group of single girls dancin around. But "Flashing Lights" is DEFinitely made for some downtempo freakin. Which brings me back to my original question: Who WILL be my American Boy?! Cause you know I can't Rome without Caesar!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

like a star

My dear friend Katja took a few days off from her glam London life to come to Berlin for a visit. Her first night back in town she wanted to go eat at I Due Forni (this yummy pizzeria run by a bunch of Italian punks), so Thursday night her wish was our command. The two of us downed a bottle of prosecco and headed to the restaurant, where we met up with our friends Liz and Michael. After we sat down at our table, this guy turned around in his chair and asked me if I was Corinne. I was like, "No, my name's Andrea. Do I look like a friend of yours? Must be a doppelganger of mine." It took a little help from my friends before tipsy me realized he was actually referring to Corinne Bailey Rae! Haha. I've gotten that only one time before, and this time I was definitely NOT prepared! But I guess I DID look particularly like her that night. And I HAVE spotted a celebrity at I Due Forni before: Bushido. In fact, maybe it's even known as a celebrity hangout and I just had no clue! And MAYBE I should work on honing a British accent. Just for fun.

Friday, February 22, 2008

sxsw countdown: 3 weeks till texas!

Less than three weeks to go! And yesterday the drawing started for the 4,000 wristbands available for Austin residents. Luckily, I still have a debit card with an Austin address. Cause after they're divvied up, there'll only be a handful up for grabs the week of. I swear, it gets more and more annoying each year to get a wristband! And if I don't get one, I'm sure there'll be plenty of fun unofficial day and night parties. In fact, Liz has already given me two funtastic party tips:

GORILLA VS. BOOZE II feat. the Cool Kids, Holy Fuck, Bodies of Water, White Denim, Ghosthustler, White Williams, DJ Sets by The Party, + FREE BEER

HOT FREAKS! feat. Jens Lekman, British Sea Power, Crystal Castles, Cadence Weapon, Islands, Peter Moren (from Peter Bjorn & John), Lykke Li, Keving Barnes (from Of Montreal) and many more

Last year I first heard and saw Ra Ra Riot at the American Rag/Filter Magazine Party at Cedar Street. I had missed their official showcase the night before, and they turned out to be my favorite band of the festival (hands down!). In fact, I went up to the front of the stage only a few verses into their first song (their energy and on-stage chemistry was THAT magnetic). They seriously gave me goosebumps all over (especially with their Kate Bush "Hounds of Love" cover--I think even The Futureheads would tip their hats)! AND I even ended up "south-by-stalking" them to their next unofficial gig at Emo's Annex because I just couldn't get enough. Even after the death of their drummer John Pike (RIP), they've kept on making music and will be back at SXSW this year. Since they haven't made it all the way to Germany yet, I'm very much looking forward to seeing them again in Austin.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

how swede it is: jens lekman @ lido (feb 16)

Saturday night my friend Liz and I went to see Jens Lekman at Lido here in Berlin. Unfortunately, a hideous band called Leash opened up for him (why on Earth ever). The music was O.K. The lead singer was annoying, but the guitarist and bassist (who were practically making love to their instruments on stage) topped even him. What's funny is that the band's decal started to peel off the drums during their set. And by the end it had completely fallen off! I wish I could say they rocked it off, but I'm afraid it crept off in pure shame. I was even falling asleep standing during their performance and had to sit down. But as soon as Jens came on stage, the whole energy in Lido was magically transformed and I was wide awake! Jens, his band, and the gig were all absolutely dreamy (in the most non-put-you-to-sleep sort of way!).

Most memorable that night (in no particular order):

1. Jens' white patent leather shoes and his cute footwork making my heart beat like Ringo (see the first video below).

2. Jens' funny song introductions, in particular to "A Postcard to Nina". Unfortunately, it didn't dawn on me to record it until the funniest bit was over, but see the second video below for the last part of the intro and the entire song. It's basically about him coming to Berlin to visit his penpal Nina. He takes the 20-hour bus trip for 20 euros instead of the one-hour flight for 25 euros--but knowing Berlin he figures he can put those 5 euros to good use--and fuck easyjet and ryanair! Anyway, when he gets to Berlin it turns out that Nina, who's about to move to NYC with her girlfriend, has told her parents that she's actually moving to NYC with her boyfriend--Jens!

3. During "Pocketful of Money" the audience started singing along with Jens in canon (the part that goes "I'll come running with a heart on fire") and I've honestly never heard an audience sound soooooo good (it was as if a professional choir was singing backup and it even gave me goosebumps!).

4. Jens' storytelling hand gestures during "It Was a Strange Time in My Life".

5. A dancebreak during one of the songs, involving Jens and his band fake flying around the stage. Very Peter Panish, actually, now that I think about it.

6. When Jens came out after the audience tried to get him to do a second encore, he said gave the most precious goodbye speech. I didn't have enough memory to record it, but luckily Liz has an elephant's memory and according to her it went something like this: "Thank you, Thank you much. But I just can't play anymore, on this stage..I'll mess it up or just fall over. but thank you so much, i can never resist stomping...and I would really like to go dancing...After doing a silly interview backstage. Will there be dancing? Will there be a club after the show?"

7. And I just loved how each band member was wearing a key around their neck.

After the show, Liz and I reluctantly left Lido and traipsed over to West Germany to try and catch the Japanther gig, but it had ended like a minute before we arrived. D'oh! But I guess one out of two amazing gigs in one night ain't bad. In the Japanther's aftermath, we found my sweaty but ecstatic friend Jan-Christian and compared post-gig notes with Jens' fellow Gothenburgians Robin and Erik.

And I just saw that Jens is playing SXSW in March. JENS, I'm ready to be heartbroken. Again!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

valentine's aftermath disco: the chalets split

on february 15th, the day after valentine's day, the chalets announced they split up via myspace. they will be terribly missed, and i couldn't help but wonder if they had had a "lover's quarrel" on THE day.

in my opinion, valentine's day is just another version of new year's eve. it gets totally over-hyped and everyone is pressured (by the media, greeting card companies, etc.) into trying to have the most amazing day/night ever. and the harder you try to make it perfect, (from my experience anyway) the more horribly wrong it usually goes.

so to everyone out there, who thought they were in love and on valentine's day came to realize their love was blind, i dedicate my favorite chalets song: "love punch".

Saturday, February 16, 2008

bittersweet symphony

on valentine's day victoria posted this postcard she received from ryan jacob smith on her blog sfgirlbybay.

it's not only the cutest but also (for a complete hopeless romantic like me) the most heartwrenching card i've ever seen! for anyone else who would like to keep hope alive and believe that love can overcome all geographic odds, i recommend the following musical antidote: listening to "whole wide world" by wreckless eric and "have love will travel" by the sonics on repeat.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

sxsw 2008: let the countdown begin!

it's exactly one month till sxsw! the band list is finally up. and like many others, i'm anxiously awaiting the complete showcase schedule, information on when and where the coveted wristbands are going on sale, and news on how to rsvp for the fader day party.

as part of my sxsw countdown i'll be posting some pictures and videos from last year. let's begin with dandi wind @ beauty bar, shall we? (according to their myspace page, they're playing emo's on the 13th this year.)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

death by pop birthday / coffin joe (the horrors) dj set (feb 8)

this past friday death by pop celebrated its first year anniversary with a special dj set by coffin joe of the horrors. he was accompanied not only by jamie callum but also peaches (not the fuckin-the-pain-away one we are used to seeing around in berlin but rather the one known to grace the covers of the london tabloids).

as with the last two big parties (featuring dj sets by matt of bloc party and steff of the klaxons), i got to take the party pictures. here are some of my favorites from the night. you can check out the whole set on my flickr page.