Saturday, February 2, 2008


i couldn't imagine my life without music. or even itunes, playlists, ipods, radio alarm clocks, music videos, etc. for that matter.

gets me out of bed in the morning.
helps me wake up for work.
motivates me to go to the gym.
gets me through my work outs.
energizes me for housework.
gets me in the party-mood for going out.
in fact, my life is like one big dj set (or musical should i start singing out loud).
almost any situation or occasion can (and will) trigger an appropriate song (or more) in my head, which (for better or worse) often becomes an earworm.

a few years ago when i was living in san francisco i had a super ridiculous amount of earworms a day. i think since i was going to portfolio school and trying to come up with five million ideas for ads a week, my brain was like on speed, connecting the dots of seriously every conscious and subconscious thing in my head. what really amazed me wasn't just what triggered them but even moreso the fact that i still remembered the lyrics of the most random songs i hadn't heard in ages. so i started documenting them.

it was also around this time that i first started taking pictures at gigs. i don't know why i hadn't before. i was always an avid photographer, but i guess it had something to do with getting a digital camera. at any rate. what started out more as, you could say, informational photography (proving that i'd seen this band or that) quickly progressed into more emotional photography (trying to capture images that would later remind me what it felt like to be there, in that venue, in that crowd, with that band performing).

so with this blog, i'd like to share my various playlists, earworms and gig photos with you, in hopes that it inspires you to listen to some songs you haven't heard or see some bands you haven't seen (ever or in a while).

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