Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Yay, I got my Metronomy Holiday Snaps Competition prize pack in the mail yesterday!

No beach bag, but I'm happy. And prepared to go on a crazy fun holiday. If only I had actually booked one this summer! *sigh* But I think I might give away half the prize to my friend David, who would have OWNED this competition, if only he hadn't gone on vacation until AFter the submission deadline.

Next year, David. Fo shizz!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

SXSW 2008 Recap: Cut Copy @ IHEARTCOMIX/Mad Decent Party

I've got Aussie's on the brain this week. Most notably The Presets and Cut Copy (Bumblebeez get honorable mention). Saw The Presets at SXSW and Berlin Festival last year and Cut Copy two times at SXSW this year. And I had no regrets seeing either of them twice. In fact, Cut Copy's last set at the IHEARTCOMIX vs. Mad Decent Blowout Party gave me goosebumps. EsPECially when the enTIRE crowd started jumping in synch and i could feel the CEMENT floor moving up and down like a trampoline beneath me!