Thursday, July 3, 2008

Oh Snap! Metronomy Holiday Photo Contest!

Omigod, not only is Metronomy's new song "Holiday" the best vacation-theme earworm since Franz Ferdinand's "Better on Holiday", Wham's "Club Tropicana" and Righeira's "Vamos a la Playa (which was all aaages ago)...

...but they're coupling the single release (out on July 7th) with a super fun holiday snaps competition!

here's my entry:

me picking a wedgie at europapark (ca. '83)...


all good now:


Enter your own photo by leaving a comment on their myspace blog post!


almost tropical said...

you are sooooooo gonna win. did you see your snap is right in the middle of the best of collage they posted up in their blog?????!

ear worms+ eye candy said...

haha...that collage is awesome! and you were right! fun-in-the-sun goodies are en route. now all that's missing is the holiday! time to celebrate. just one day out of life. it would be, it would be so nice.