Sunday, July 27, 2008

Melt! 2008 Festival Fashion Report

Yay! Summer is back from taking its own vacation! Though I'm partial to mild weather, it would've have been nice to have had it this hot the other week at Melt!. But instead, it was cold and rainy the first two days of the festival (it wasn't until the third day that we got to feel the warm glow of some sunrays). I was fascinated though, by how all the hipsters translated their urban street style into functional festival wear.

There was tons of eye candy, but for my Melt! festival fashion report, I shall focus on wellingtons!

I remember when I bought my turquoise pair of wellies at Urban Outfitters; it felt so revolutionary!

But since then, fashion wellies have exploded onto the scene. I seriously couldn't stop taking pictures! The most common motif seemed to be polka dots, followed by florals. And props to the guy who even spraypainted his own (apparently there's a gap in the men's fashion wellington market).

Anyway. Here's a few of my favorites followed by a slideshow of all the cool ones I was quick enough to capture.