Sunday, March 1, 2009

How Saturday Showed Me Love

The past year or so I've been complaining about The Whitest Boy Alive not showing their hometown of Berlin enough love. So imagine my supreme surprise when Saturday, taking a detour on my way home from buying miso paste at the Asian supermarket at Alexanderplatz and walking down Weinmeisterstrasse towards the U-Bahn stop, I glanced down Max-Beer-Strasse only to notice a huge crowd gathered in front of some shop, prompting me to take off my headphones only to hear an unmistakeable beat. I had "celebrity spotted" the guitarist in the neighborhood before, so I knew it could only be you-know-who.

As I approached, I only saw speakers but no band, so I almost thought it was just a random DJ set. But then I got up close and realized The Whitest Boy Alive were actually playing in the store window of ic! berlin! I only caught the last song and an encore, but that was enough to turn my shopping trip from mundane to magical! Unfortunately, I had neither my phone nor my camera with me, so I couldn't capture any of the cuteness to share (like how the keyboardist and the drummer accidentally banged their heads on the store window while taking a bow or how the grafittied window shutters slowly dropped down on them like a curtain fall).

So instead I'll just share a little video from this year's Melt! that I never got around to posting before. By the way, the entire gig they played at the festival was so amazing, it was worth the two near-death-experiences I suffered in order to witness it. I guess they do know how to show me love.