Monday, February 4, 2008

who'll be my "american boy"?!

this saturday my friend liz made the BIG mistake of introducing me to "american boy" by estelle featuring kanye west. less than 24 hours after this first introduction, my itunes tallied up more than 80 play counts (and still going)! i only expect excellence with liz and i know i have an addictive personality (which is why i never by chocolate in whole bars but only in small, individually-wrapped servings), but who'da thought it would go THIS far!

so what is it about this song that i just can't stop listening to it on repeat?! weeellllll...
  • as liz put it, the song's lyrics make it like a sweeter version of the teenagers "homecoming"
  • the lyrics get me psyched about my upcoming trip back to the states where i'll be hitting up chicago, austin and nashville (who'll be MY american boy?!)
  • lines like "don't like those baggy jeans but i'm gon like what's underneath em"
  • it has a catwalk-ready sashay-inducing beat that (when nobody's looking, of course) makes me too sexy for my shirt as i'm strutting down to the u-bahn station with one hand in my pocket à la madonna in "hung up" (da bruce would be proud!)
  • at the same time, the bouncy beat also gives me the urge to sing out loud and stroll about as if i were lily allen in her "ldn" music video
  • the bridge (somebody please correct me if i'm misusing pop music terminology!) is reminisent of the slow-motion sequence in madonna's "hung up" video and makes me wanna hump the nearest boombox or the next hot guy who comes my way (it's a shame that asian background dancer doesn't live in berlin)
  • estelle's sexy, soulful, down-to-earth voice makes me (over)confident about my own singing abilities and i just can't help but sing along (they had better add this to the monster ronson's repertoire asap)
  • oh yeah, and i can't stop smiling while listening to this song (good vibes, good vibes)

unfortunately, there's no video for the song yet, so this is the best i could do for now!...

and here are the other songs/videos i just referenced...

the teenagers "homecoming"

lily allen "ldn"

madonna "hung up"

current itunes play count since writing this post (not including my ipod): 106

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