Saturday, February 23, 2008

like a star

My dear friend Katja took a few days off from her glam London life to come to Berlin for a visit. Her first night back in town she wanted to go eat at I Due Forni (this yummy pizzeria run by a bunch of Italian punks), so Thursday night her wish was our command. The two of us downed a bottle of prosecco and headed to the restaurant, where we met up with our friends Liz and Michael. After we sat down at our table, this guy turned around in his chair and asked me if I was Corinne. I was like, "No, my name's Andrea. Do I look like a friend of yours? Must be a doppelganger of mine." It took a little help from my friends before tipsy me realized he was actually referring to Corinne Bailey Rae! Haha. I've gotten that only one time before, and this time I was definitely NOT prepared! But I guess I DID look particularly like her that night. And I HAVE spotted a celebrity at I Due Forni before: Bushido. In fact, maybe it's even known as a celebrity hangout and I just had no clue! And MAYBE I should work on honing a British accent. Just for fun.

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