Sunday, March 23, 2008

SXSW 2008 Recap: American Rag / Filter Day Party @ Cedar Street Courtyard

Day 2 (Thursday) I went to the American Rag/Filter day party. Though I was interested in some of the other bands as well, I mainly wanted to see The Duke Spirit's full set. I wasn't familiar with the first few bands, so I just sat down with my whiskey ginger (about 1.5 sets before The Duke Spirit were about to go on) ready to plan my showcase strategy for that night. But when Low vs Diamond came on playing their music with so much conviction, I couldn't help but be drawn to the front of the stage. They were definitely my most pleasant SXSW surprise. The Duke Spirit set afterwards was incredibly soulful and dynamic as always; they had me shaking what my momma gave me inbetween shots as if I were Liela's tamborine. They most definitely beat out The Kills for The Most Sexy and Photogenic Band of SXSW. Nashville's Be Your Own Pet followed up with their wide-eyed, dizzying, breath-of-fresh-punk energy. Robyn, who I didn't recognize at ALL until she busted out with my old favorite "Show Me Love", continued the leading blonde theme and softened things up a bit, ending the party on a pop note.
Low vs Diamond

The Duke Spirit

Be Your Own Pet

Robyn See more pictures here!

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