Sunday, March 2, 2008

SXSW Sounds Better with You: Win a Trip with Yaris and Free Yr Radio!

For anyone who wants a last chance to check out this year's festival, Yaris and Free Yr Radio are sponsoring a "Win Yr Way to SXSW 2008" Sweepstakes. The package includes:

* Air Fare for two (2)
* Accommodations for two (2)
* Two (2) SXSW badges
* Chauffer to and from airport
* Gift certificates to Austin mainstays Waterloo Records, Iron Works, Amy's Ice Cream and Atomic Tattoo

Can't beat that! Unfortunately the deadline is today, so enter NOW!!!


Kat Walks said...

this is only for americans :(

(an)drea said...

legal residents, to be exact. so i couldn't enter either! at first i was thinking i could try and use my parents'address in austin, but then i figured that would look a bit odd (perhaps even suspicious!). ah, well...when we're rich and famous, we can BUY sxsw and then rent a private plane to fly berlin-london-austin!