Thursday, May 29, 2008

Money, Money, Mon-nay. Mon-nay!

Sometimes my bank likes to transfer my rent money to my landlord's account a day or two early even though I have the automatic deposit set for the first of the month (gggrrrrr...). At my last job, my paychecks were deposited on the 27th of each month (no fail), so that never posed any problems. But at my current place of employ, I never know when I'm getting paid (double-gggrrrrr...). I usually expect the worst (the 2nd of the month) and hope for the best (the last of the previous month).

So I was absolutely ecstatic yesterday (the 27th) when I discovered that my benjamins were already in the bank! While celebrating at the ATM machine, Liz and I both blurted out the "Money, Money, Money. Money" line from the O'Jays song "For the Love of Money" at almost the same time. And now (surprise, surprise), it's stuck in my head.

These other songs are so money* too, and they don't even know it!

* That is, they either use the word "money" more than two times in a row or just repeat it a lot.

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