Monday, May 19, 2008

West End Town = Dead End World

Last weekend I celebrated my 29th birthday with an annual trip to London that was full of ear worms and plenty of eye candy. I arrived in East London a little after midnight on Friday, and not at all phased by my quick jaunt across the channel, I urged my friend Gemma and her boyfriend Liam to take me out!

Conveniently located around the corner from her Hackney flat, Ye Olde Axe (basically a stripclub by "day" and a 60's club by "night") is in my opinion THE (still somewhat) secret place to go after-hours in Hackney. Good crowd (nice mix of hipsters and mere mortals), fun music and lots of dancing (but with plenty of room so you don't get clobbered by left feet). It was also here that I started photographically stalking (I did ask permission first!) and subsequently met Frankie and Maike, who gave me some awesome new thrifting and karaoke tips.

I forgot which look he was really going for, but doesn't Frankie remind you of Seymour from "Little Shop of Horrors"?! (In a very swanky way, though.)

Sunday night was girl's night out. Gemma, my other friends Liz (who flew over from Berlin as well) and Katja and I stopped by Electricity Showroom before heading on to The Dolphin, where we rang in my birthday at midnight. I'd been to Electricity Showroom before, but this was the first time I actually noticed the dancefloor (last time I mostly hung out upstairs). And I must say, I wouldn't expect anything less from a former electricity showroom!

When I win the lottery I'm totally going to have one of those built into my living room floor and hide it underneath a rug to surprise unsuspecting party guests.

The Dolphin was Frankie's suggestion, and I'm so glad we went cause we had fun, fun, fun till the bartender took the booze all away! Sunday nights is karaoke night, and though there wasn't always ear candy (other than us, of course!--haha--Katja and Liz sang "Crazy in Love" and I was tricked by Katja into singing my usual "Call Me"), there was definitely enough eye candy to go around. Especially on the smokers'patio out back. And since it's now hot hot hot, non-smokers need not feel awkward hanging out outside. Perfect conditions for getting your summer flirt on.

Hackney calling, innit?

P.S. My personal and our collective earworms from that weekend:

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