Friday, May 16, 2008

One-Line Wonders: That's Just The Way It Is

I don't know how in the world it got there, but it did. Michael Jackson's "Remember the Time" interspersed with the line "Keep it in the Closet" from the semi-eponymous song along with the visual image of Naomi's glamazon legs (which makes me wanna run to the nearest ballet bar and do pliés till the cows come home) from the video of the latter.

So this was repeating itself in my head for most of the afternoon and the journey home from work. Is this what happens when single girls turn 29? Your mind starts conjuring up nostalgic lyrics from 90's easy-listening songs of memories you never actually had, and you start fixating on supermodel legs that will never be yours?! Oy vey.

And then! Between the U-bahn, the grocery store and the final walk home, I couldn't stop singing (in my head, of course) the alternating one-liners "Oooohhh, sex-y booo-yyyyy" (Air)* and "That's just the way it is" (Bruce Hornsby). Which I'm starting to think would make a really great Soul Wax-esque remix. I'm thinkin producer/dj in my next life? Oh yeah.

*Thanks to Liz for naming that tune! Cause all the googling and in the world couldn't help me figure out which band it was from. Of course it didn't help that I was ACtually singing "sexy boDy" and thought it was some mid-to-late 90s, alternative meets electronic band à la Veruca Salt/Hole/Elastica.

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