Friday, April 25, 2008

Chuck It To Me!

It's ads like this that make me never ever want to touch another creative brief in my life--not even with a ten-foot pole!


Translation: "I finally hear the balls whizzing!" Heike Albrecht, German tennis talent. Hard of hearing since birth. Her goal: Wimbledon 2010. Germany-wide scientific hearing study: Test the arguably best hearing system of all times!"

And it's campaigns like THIS that make me wanna do nothing else but advertising (and wear nothing on my feet but my Chucks) for the rest of my life.



Such a simple, why-the-hell-didn't-I-think-of-that yet powerful and nicely executed idea. Let's wait and see what Cannes has to say.


The Beej said...

yeah that is so simple yet so brilliant. which agency even has converse? is it W+K because of Nike?

(an)drea said...

at first i thought it might actually be in-house. but it's way too brilliant for that! and my internet sleuthing just discovered that the independent agency anomaly is the creative genius behind it.