Thursday, April 17, 2008

I think I'm pregnant.

So Tuesday I decided I was getting stuck in a bittersweet music rut and would not listen to any of my same old same old itunes playlists at work but only myspace music instead. I think I spent almost a whole day just listening to The Brunettes (so much for branching out!). But then I jump-started some Top 8 surfing yesterday, which sent me to Au Revoir Simone (who I hadn't listened to in ages), then Moshi Moshi Records (I just watched "Domicile Conjugale" last weekend and the "moshi moshi" scene was one of my favorites), on to Metronomy (where I was seduced by the Peter, Bjorn and John meets The Rapture meets Neue Deutsche Welle "My Heart Rate Rapid"), followed by The Teenagers, then a quick jaunt over toLadyhawke, and back to The Teenagers. Which is where I discovered and quickly fell in love with the "Love No" cover by Soko. I even liked it better than the original (Désolé, boys!). Intrigued to the T, I decided to finally scope her out her profile. And OMIGOD, she's amaaaazing!!!

I honestly thought Soko was Swedish and was pleasantly surprised to find out that she's actually French! Then after listening to all her songs, her lyrics, vocal delivery and acoustic melodies made me think she's equal measure The Teenagers, Jens Lekman and Björk all in one (with her whole being greater than the sum of her parts)! So I've basically been listening to the same five songs on her profile on repeat all day. My favorites are "I will never love you more" and "I think I'm pregnant". So honest and so giggle-inducingly funny.

Anyway, I'm super bummed because not only did I miss her playing White Trash last December, she's back in Berlin on my birthday. But I'm going to be in London!!!! Uuuggghhh...

For all my lucky London friends, she's playing an acoustic set at the Spread Eagle on Kingsland Road (next to and across from Jaguar Shoes) tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. Please go so I may live vicariously through you!

Tell me, how can I abort my fat earworm? Ees getting beegga and beegga! Beegga and beegga!


Kat Walks said...

shit. i totally missed that concert. bummer.

(an)drea said...

quel dommage!

maybe you should subscribe to my posts, mon petit chou ;o)