Thursday, April 3, 2008

F**ck Cancer Benefit @ Mercy Lounge, Nashville (3/27/08)

I interrupt the regularly scheduled SXSW-recap blogging to post the following...Yes, I'm still alive. Going through some sort of belated quarter-life crisis. But I'm alive. At any rate, last week I flew to Nashville to visit an old college friend. It was quite an ordeal getting there. The trip that took me like 4 hours on the way back, took me nearly 13 hours on the way over and involved waiting 30 minutes for the plane in Atlanta to get back from the mechanics, sitting on the plane for 2 hours while waiting for the luggage to be loaded and excess fuel to be pumped out, after which a fuel leak was discovered and the flight was finally cancelled, THEN waiting in line to reschedule my flight and almost getting to the service counterafter about an hour only to realize that there were courtesy phones nobody was using, calling someone on the courtesy phone and at first being told that the next flight would be the next morning, telling that person to please LOOK again, and luckily being able to get on a flight that evening after all. Which was also delayed but at least got me to Nashville.

So after all that for a friggin 40-minute flight, I was looking forward to a cold beer and some live music. Luckily, my friend and her boyfriend had already made plans for us: the F**k Cancer benefit show at the Mercy Lounge. The venue and the crowd reminded me a lot of Austin (though I did feel more naked than usual without a tattoo). And we got there right on time for her favorite Nashville band, The Features, who I thoroughly enjoyed. As did I Tommy and the Whale.

The Features

Tommy and the Whale

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