Tuesday, April 8, 2008

SXSW 2008 Recap: Playboy Party

Believe it or not, but I didn't make it to ANY official showcases Day 2. And I had my schedule like 85% planned out and everything! But my friend Josh took me to the Playboy party instead (his friend, also a Josh, was bartending and put him on the list). Some girl he knew had bailed so I was going to use her name to get in, but then we realized they were checking IDs for the guestlist (d'oh!). There were like 5 people checking the guestlist and I set my sights on the black girl (you know, to try an milk the "us sistas gotsta stick together" schtick, whatever). But Josh went to her instead so I got the white girl and just went ahead and told her my name. She was trying hard to find it (and I already had this whole spiel ready in my head like, "Are you sure I'm not on there? I like totally RSVP'd like ages ago and so-and-so said I was on it, so please check again, etc."), but before we got that far, black girl asked Josh who his +1 was, and I was like "ME!!!". Pfew! Good thing, cause I would have been super bummed if I hadn't gotten in and it was already too late to make it to any showcases.

But we got in in time to catch the last bit of MGMT, and the other Josh hooked us up with the stiffest whiskey and cokes I've ever had (but kept slinging back like koolaid nonetheless). I didn't feel the full effect until the taxi ride home (read more of my shamefully tragic story here). After MGMT, Moby DJ'd. The last time I had seen him DJ was in like 1996 (the climax of my techno phase) at Nature One (this outdoor rave at an abandoned airfield in Germany), and I must say, I didn't think he still had it in him. In fact, that was one of THE best DJ sets I've ever experienced. Unfortunately I can't remember half of what he played (I think there was an 80s rock song thrown in there somewhere) and I was too busy drinking and dancing to take many pictures, but it was amaaaaazing! The Justice DJ set paled in comparison and Josh (unable to be heard over the voluminous beats) kept pointing to his cell, into which he had typed "blasphemous". Towards the end, two guys in some kind of bear costume got on stage. It was like, "What happened to the Playboy bunnies?!" Ah well, I think the ones that WERE at the party were fakes (or at least D-rate bunnies) anyway.

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