Thursday, April 17, 2008

SXSW 2008 Recap: Santogold @ IHEARTCOMIX/Mad Decent Party

The IHEARTCOMIX vs. Mad Decent Austin Blowout 2008 took place on the rooftop of a parking garage in Austin's warehouse district. It didn't get as crowded as I expected, but there were enough party people about to make up for it (quality vs. quantity).

That morning I had gotten a last-minute email from Liz to be sure to check out Santogold at the party, and for some reason I was picturing a Klaxon or Shit Disco-like UK band. But what I got was a million times better than I ever imagined!!! Backed by two dancers and Diplo on the turntables, she turned out to be my favorite act from this party (possibly even all of SXSW). Despite a few technical difficulties that almost got Diplo "fired", Santogold kept her cool (I couldn't believe how girl-next-door down-to-earth she was!) and the party FUN FUN FUN!!!

Santogold "You'll Find a Way" Live

Santogold @ IHEARTCOMIX / Mad Decent Blowout SXSW 2008

More on the other performances later alligators.


almost tropical said...

they stole your moves!

(an)drea said...

u kidding? i only WISH my moves were that slick and smoooooth. i’s still gots myself a bit a practicin’ to do afore i achieve such greatness! sheyiiittt. don’t think I’M not the one takin’ notes!