Sunday, April 27, 2008

Not a Grey Day

Friday I got the long awaited email from iTunes that the next episode of "Grey's Anatomy" was finally available for download (yes, I am a big spoiled dork with a season pass). The episode they released during the strike blew (those scabs sadly couldn't write worth bird poo to be honest). But I was anxious to see the next developments in the Grace-McDreamy-nurse triangle and crossed my fingers that the writers were back on track. And so I pressed play on Saturday (sorry Liz, I meant this to be a little extra birthday surprise but I just couldn't help myself!).

For starters, here's some "Grey's Anatomy" music trivia for ya: all the episodes are named after songs! This episode was "Where the Wild Things Are" (I had to look this one up, it's by Metallica). It however did not start out with a heavy metal headbanging, but instead it lucke-ly (hint hint) opened up with "I'm Good, I'm Gone" by (if you got my hint) Lykke Li!!! (What I wouldn't give to set my favorite songs as the background music to my favorite shows for a living.) Anyway, I didn't think it was possible, but after this magical music opening the episode just kept getting better and better (pure, beautiful McDrama). And now, move over Soko, make room for Lykke Li!

P.S. I was oh so sad and disappointed that I missed her at SXSW. I keep telling myself, "Next year, next year." Check here out in this video with Robyn (who I DID get to see) doing an acoustic version of "I'm Good, I'm Gone" (it's goosebump material!).


dvdherron said...

i still can't believe i got to see her sing. TWICE. so talented and confident. and her rag tag band kicks ass too.

she has a nice feature in the new issue of fader with aaliyah on the cover that i think you would like.

(an)drea said...

Try not to rub it in. ;o)

But about Fader...Sweet! Will see if I can still snag myself a copy.