Friday, April 11, 2008

Who Got the Funk? My Earworms Got the Funk!

I normally don't watch much TV, but the other week I decided to be more frugal and cancel my cable subscription--as soon as the Germany's Next Top Model finale has aired, that is! Until then, I guess I've subconsciously decided to get my money's worth cause I've started leaving the TV on in the background. When I got home from work today I set it on VIVA, which retriggered an ear worm I had completely forgotten about and sparked whole nother one.

Exhibit A:

"My Man Is a Mean Man" by Stefanie Heinzmann

It's almost hard to believe that 19-year-old, Swiss Stefanie is the powerful, raspy soul voice behind this song. When I first saw her perform on TV Total when Stefan Raab hosted a mock-German Idol competition, I think my jaw dropped to the ground in disbelief. She ended up winning, and I first heard her new single the night I spent packing for my U.S. trip. It was an immediate ear worm, and it was one of those rare occassions where I was actually happy to see a music video in heavy rotation. But once I got to the States, I had SXSW on my mind (and unlike Tokio Hotel, it'll probably be a while till she makes her U.S. breakthrough--yes, I actually did see Tokio Hotel on American MTV--at like 5 a.m. though). Anyway, it wasn't until I saw the video again tonight on Germany's Top 100 that my ear worm arose from the dead.

Exhibit B:

"Beggin" by Madcon

As soon as this Norwegian hip hop duo's song came on, I started bustin a move. If you ever need some motivation to get up outta your chair, then I'm sure this'll help do the trick. There's even some nifty old school dance moves in the video. Be sure to practice for the next time I hit the club.

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